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Green Initiatives

ABS participates in Close the Loop, a zero waste to landfill recycling program. It allows for 100% recycling of collected consumable supplies such as cartridges, drum units and toner bottles. Best of all, it manufactures eLumber using all the waste that was once considered unusable.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To help our customers participate in this same program, we provide everything you need including recyclable collection boxes, supplies, freight, transportation and recycling services.

Several of ABS’ technology partners have formed Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management (EMRM) to provide a convenient way to recycle consumer electronics goods. This has already resulted in approximately 400,000 pounds of e-waste diverted from U.S. landfills.

Benefits of optimization include the reduction of electrical consumption by anywhere from 300 to 1,500 kWh per year. Eliminating singleuser devices can positively impact the environment by reducing supply usage, energy consumption and waste to landfill. For instance, 60,000 pages printed on the e-STUDIO655 uses 1 toner bottle while the same number of pages produced with desktop printers uses 30 toner cartridges.

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